Documentum™users have often expressed the need to extract content from a repository, while preserving directory structure, versions, object names and attribute information. This is essential when a user or group of users and their related content are migrated out of a repository or to another system. This is also useful for offline backups. Synepsis DocXport™, the objects extraction utility for EMC Documentum™, is our solution for object selection and extraction.

By providing a simple, easy to use and intuitive interface, Synepsis DocXport™ allows an administrator to quickly select cabinets, folders or documents and extract them to a file system. The result is a tree structure identical to the one in the source repository as well as an XML file with all the documents’ attributes. Optionally, an HTML interface can be generated to navigate the exported documents and attributes.

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DocXport™ workflow process

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DocXport V4.0 now available

Synepsis Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of DocXport v4, our object and attributes extraction solution for EMC Documentum™ docbases.

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